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'Know Your Neighbour' Social Experiment

Take a seat make a friend questions. Custom Made Seat Covers.

Take a seat make a friend questions

We proudly offer Impact Gel Pads and memory foam - to take your seat to a new level of comfort. In fact I just finished installing them and I have to say, I'm really, really mad right now They fit perfectly and the quality of sewing and fabric is more than we'd hoped for. Our modifications are inexpensive but offer the best sitting seat that is modified to fit you. I've already shown the new seat covers to someone at my work and they're planning to buy from you as well. What if I lose my ticket? I was worried about things like the map pockets on the backs of the covers because your site doesn't mention them unless I just missed it and I use them a lot, and you did included them with the set that I ordered. The customer service and quality of product will have us choosing you, over a lower-priced retailer. I have shown them to many of my friends and they all are interested in ordering a pair for themselves. I tell everyone who asks where I got them.

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    Typically, the gates open one to two hours prior to the start of the first match.


    After searching the entire internet, I was the most satisfied with Seat Covers Unlimited.


    I bought the universal covers and you would think they were custom made, they fit so well.


    Inclement weather and other factors beyond our control may alter this schedule. Volunteers are provided with a comprehensive compensation package for their time.


    Your ticket also allows access to the grounds and all matches on other courts including Grandstand Court during the session your ticket is valid for, however this seating is unreserved.


    They look "made to order" with a very tailored appearance.


    The continual use of tablets or other handheld electronic devices within the confines spectator areas of the tournament match courts is prohibited.


    When someone tells someone to "Take" something it sounds more like an order, whereas telling someone to "Have" something sounds more like an offering. We all know riders come in different shapes and sizes but apparently the seat manufacturers don't know this.


    The official draw is created the weekend prior to the start of the main draw. They are great; I get many comments and questions about them.


    Re-shaping the seat foam will help improve this greatly. They slide over your existing upholstery creating a seamless look.