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50 Simple Chest Tattoos For Men

Tattoos ideas for men on chest. Top 144 Chest Tattoos for Men.

Tattoos ideas for men on chest

Now Star Tattoos has been introduced in tattoo art. Courage and Dedication with flying dove on both the pieces of chest. This is an original spin on the classic skull tattoo. Star tattoos can be done with different colors. Tattoos also serve the purpose of attracting mates, and women often use them to tell stories about themselves or their pasts or simply because they look cute and they want to attract attention to themselves. Geometric Star tattoo designs in tribal style on ankle for men and women. This tattoo design of the sunflower produces a slightly pessimistic view. The tattoo is an illustration of a fish and scorpion circling a compass. These are our gallery collection of Star Tattoos. Celtic tattoos on men chest looking very awesome.

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    The top of the design is very organized and deliberate which contrasts deeply with the lower half which emphasizes the bleeding ink and sense of incompletion.


    The animation style is well reflected by simple and single shading for each character, selected from light colors with a soothing effect. Truthfully unique feeling to her tattoo.


    The coloring work of the featured flowers is excellent and the watercolor technique maintains the watery, liquid feel. This is religious tattoo with praying hands.


    If you would like something attractive and small etched on your index finger, this small dove tattoo will do.