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Video about the most haunted house in new york:

NYC's Most Haunted Buildings

The most haunted house in new york. 9-7-18 Thru 9-9-18 New York’s Most Haunted; Para-Hangover Weekend.

The most haunted house in new york

Gainesville - Letchworth Central School - the school is in Wyoming County and was built back in the early 's. The first Most Haunted Live! The story goes, that many years ago a traveler from out of town was staying at this specific inn, on the second or third floor. The two men who were responsible were captured within a week. In the middle of the first, Foyster was struck in the shoulder by a fist-size stone. She also said she was cleaning one of the ballet rooms and, slipping from her stepladder and falling backwards, was caught by an unknown force and set down gently, unharmed. Fulton - Granby Center - Locals report seeing 4 battered teenage girls staring at them, the same 4 girls who were driving drunk late a night coming from a party in the early 80's. Here he wrote The History of the World. Now on Mischief Night and Halloween if you happen to be crossing the bridge around midnight stop your vehicle, roll down the windows and listen for the faint sound of a fiddle playing. She died there, leaving bloodied hand prints on the walls and ceiling. In the back woods, gunshots are often heard, and screams following.

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    One of the kids sat in a chair where a ghost had been spotted, and the kid's head started to hurt.


    If someone went into the school at exactly 2:


    He has been seen roaming the halls as well as running around the gym practicing. The Witch story seems to be the most common, yet it is also the most unlikely.


    To this day, the auditorium will become wicked cold without anybody touching the thermostat, and also lights will go on and off by themselves. The entire house was destroyed, but the family was able to escape to the farmhouse in time.


    A number of people have died while praying in the church.


    The second spirit to be contacted identified himself by the strange name of "Sunex Amures".


    The cemetery was established by Napoleon in


    Amsterdam - Widow Susan Cemetery - To start off, the story goes that at the top of the hill before the cemetery you are supposed to turn off your car head lights and as your coasting down the hill, you chant Widow Susan three times then turn on your lights and turn into the cemetery. The suspect was never found, and the family continued to live secretly in the farmhouse.