Jose Rizal Lodge #1172 was amply represented by several officers at the Annual Communications held on May 2-3,2010. The following were approved:

1. Communications by email is now an official and preferred medium of communication. A letter delivered through the postal service is reserved for those who do not have an email. For our Lodge, this will translate to a savings of $200+.

2. The Short Form of Closing the Lodge is no longer allowed.

3. Our per capita dues will increase incrementally to $2.00/yr for 5 years to begin in calendar year 2013.

4. Electronic voting made its successful debut. Hereafter, electronic voting rules.

5. Grand Master renews call to become Masonically FIT (Faith,Integrity,Trust)

6. Reminder: Masonry is ultimately judged by how we talk and act outside the Lodge individually – in the real world.

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