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7 Countries Where Football Isn't the Most Popular Sport

Top 10 sports in the world. .

Top 10 sports in the world

He has been called the "Father of Modern Boxing" because of his scientific approach and innovations in technique. Hopefully, prospective buyers of this three-stone oval ruby-and-diamond ring from House of Taylor will have better luck and some insurance. Through the course of regular business, the team picks up the Hanson Brothers, violent goons with child-like mentalities. The Longest Yard , Directed by Robert Aldrich This football film that is not based on a true story, but it could be. The film details his life from his youth learning how to ride bulls, until his death in White Men Can't Jump , Directed by Ron Shelton Woody Harrelson's character is a talented former college-level basketball player who makes a living hustling streetball players who assume he cannot play well because he is white. In all, seventy-five people lost their lives. Can you say Tony Hawk? Probably not, but here is a list of some of the worlds most expensive engagement rings for your viewing pleasure. The Rookie , Directed by John Lee Hancock Jim Morris stages a comeback after an injury forced him to give up pitching 12 years earlier. James Earl Jones at his best.

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    Pink diamond engagement ring Soccer star David Beckham kicked a goal into the heart of wife and previous Spice Girl Victoria Beckham with a suitably posh pink diamond engagement ring.


    I can envision "The son of Rocky" someday. The original, however, is a classic and definitely a must see for any sports fan.


    Watch as the Miracle unfolds and a collective cheer across the country resounds. Hands done, the Russian hockey team would win the gold medal.


    The Countdown Continues At 50


    Fear Strikes Out , Directed by Robert Mulligan A pushy father is to blame for all the troubles of Jimmy Piersall in this the first of the real life stories on our Top list. With its round and perfect stone, this De Beers piece weigh just a little more than 9 carats, but if you buy it your folder might weigh considerably less.


    Jim Thorpe, All-American , Directed by Michael Curtiz Considered one of the most versatile athletes in sports, he won Olympic gold medals in the pentathlon and decathlon, played football at the collegiate and professional levels, and also played professional baseball and basketball. Stallone was virtually an unknown.


    The top is one of the oldest recognizable toys found on archaeological sites.