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What is a pap smear like. What is an abnormal Pap smear?.

What is a pap smear like

If you are having unexpected bleeding, do not cancel your exam. Your doctor will swab your cervix with vinegar or some other liquid solution. This allows the provider to see inside the vagina and cervix. The sample is then usually screened by a specially trained and qualified cytotechnologist using a light microscope. You may not need to have a Pap test if you have had a total hysterectomy uterus and cervix removed and have not had an abnormal Pap test, cervical cancer, or other pelvic cancer. What Abnormal Results Mean Abnormal results are grouped as follows: For instance, some parts of Great Britain start screening at age However, Pap smears are very sensitive and some negative biopsy results may represent undersampling of the lesion in the biopsy, so negative biopsy with positive cytology requires careful follow up. What Do the Results Mean? An unclear test result means that your cervical cells look like they could be abnormal.

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    Definitely if your Pap smear shows severe dysplasia with or without HPV , you will need a colposcopy exam and biopsy.


    Common treatments include cryotherapy and LEEP. Blood may make the Pap test results less accurate.


    Atypical squamous cells of undetermined significance, also known as ASC-US, indicate that there are abnormal cells in the cervix, but their cause is not known. The broom is not as good a collection device, since it is much less effective at collecting endocervical material than the spatula and brush.


    Definitely if your Pap smear shows severe dysplasia with or without HPV , you will need a colposcopy exam and biopsy.


    Every year, over 2 million women will have an abnormal Pap test, yet nowhere near that many women will be diagnosed with cervical cancer. Do I need a Pap test?


    In a typical scenario, about 0.


    The sample is stained using the Papanicolaou technique , in which tinctorial dyes and acids are selectively retained by cells.


    If only 10,, are actually tested each year, then it would save the life of 1 woman for every approximately 15, women tested.


    Papanicolaou chose stains that highlighted cytoplasmic keratinization, which actually has almost nothing to do with the nuclear features used to make diagnoses now. A repeat Pap smear allows the physician to determine if the problem is resolving itself.