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My 21st Birthday Week

What to do for your 21 birthday. 10 Fun 21st Birthday Ideas for your Bestie.

What to do for your 21 birthday

Be sure to find a designated driver or hire a limo or car service to chauffeur you around. Or better yet, make this the gift that never stops giving for your BFF or S. Drinks are also available in Hollywood Studios, Animal Kingdom and almost all the hotels on site. Round up the few people you do like and plan a weekend camping trip or take a long hike. Do you really want to spend your 21st birthday at the student health center? Cheers to the years past of toddler tantrums and pre-teen passive aggression. The bounce party of a lifetime giphy. You can reserve your own table to stay close-knit with your group or hit the dance floor all night long. Take your social Boomerang posts before drinking too many mimosas. Walk up to the club, and start the night. The Infamous 21 Tally Marks For every drink, draw a tally mark on your arm.

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    Treat yourself to breakfast in bed. This is a fun way to learn about what actually goes into a cocktail.


    Treat yourself to breakfast in bed.


    Spend your 21st birthday with the people who made sure you survived until this point.


    Hit the road with a few of your friends and take a road trip. The Infamous 21 Tally Marks For every drink, draw a tally mark on your arm.


    Choose foods that you can prepare the day before or set aside a budget for catering so your guests can enjoy themselves on a full stomach. Indulge in a spa day, hit the pool, order room service, and parlay at the hotel lounge.


    Round up 21 people to toast to your birthday.


    Wine Tasting Party Learn everything you need to know about wine by hosting a classy wine tasting party or visiting a winery with friends.


    Do 21 dares Have your friends each contribute a few things to a list of dares that all include the number 21 for you to complete on your 21st birthday. For girls who drink 1.