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How To Calculate Safe Period To Avoid Pregnancy

When is a woman safe period. Is it safe to conceive in a month that you do not have a period?.

When is a woman safe period

Practically speaking, there isn't one. Try New Places and Positions Don't always use your bed for your sexual acts. The regularity of your monthly period can be influenced by a variety of factors: During this phase, the pregnancy supporting hormones are released at their peak level by the female body. During this period, an egg ovum, plural ova moves from the organs that produce the egg which is the ovary plural ovaries into the fallopian tubes also known as Oviduct or the uterine tube. This is something you ask your gyno to help you with to make sure it's accurate. Are these the right methods for you? Ask Naij Medicine offers a variety of contraceptive methods that allows you to yourself during both regular and casual intimate contacts. Subtract 11 from it. The reason for the long days is to give allowances because a sperm cell can survive in a woman for 3 days 72 hours , ovulation occurs between 24 and 48 hours and another egg might be released after the first.

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    This can be calculated for subsequent months and cycle.


    Sex is one of the most pleasurable things but often comes with a baggage of getting an unwanted pregnancy. The hormones that are responsible for your periods are the ones that control your discharge too, so keeping track of the discharge is one way to know when your body is less likely to get pregnant.


    Safe period is safe for sexual activity. So I have to very much disagree with that statement.


    I have to go see a specialist to determine how to start again.


    For more information about it, look it up on wikipedia.