When the Ladies Came to Jose Rizal Lodge…

There was joy and rejoicing that we have not seen, heard or felt for a long, long time. Old friendships were renewed and new friendships created. There was a fusion of the old and the new producing a sprit de corps that was palpable and exciting. It took a life of its own that inspired everyone to give something to make it a memorable evening. Be it in the form of a song, a joke, a toast and even a quick ensemble of John Denver songs. The food was supracalifragilistic and expialidociously prepared by Sis. Pinky to celebrate WB Levy Lavarino’s –“coming out ” birthday party. Something in the air, food or drink must have been present that brought couples to the dance floor while WBro.Boy Iriberri and Bro. Nelson Reyes belted romantic songs. The evening ended when, like the Cinderella story, curfew struck. Everyone scurried to their own “tartanillas” with their princes and went home. No one left a shoe behind. Too bad Mr. Prince.

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