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Video about white sewing machines dating:

Restore a 1908 White Family Rotary Treadle Sewing Machine

White sewing machines dating. Singer's Dating Service.

White sewing machines dating

In , Issac M. The Featherweight is an excellent machine for piecing, but it is not recommended that machine quilting be done on it due to the possibility of burning out the motor. How Do I Get a Featherweight? The machine model , adapted from an earlier portable, the Standard SewHandy which company was bought out by Singer weighs about 11 pounds and has been found to be an ideal machine for quilters and other sewers to take to classes or "on location. Once you have finished cleaning, the whole machine can then be given a polish with some machine oil or a wax and polish with a gentle car wax. Remove and the shiny parts and clean with brass or silver cleaner. He returned penniless to find that sewing machines were being sold by many manufacturers, all infringing on some part of his patent. Thankfully after a good clean and service I ended up with a great working machine. Oil the machine on all the moving parts where metal touches metal. Singer patented the first rigid-arm sewing machine. It is meant to be kept oiled. Featherweight Facts What is a Featherweight?

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    He completed his first model in , set it up in a public hall, and had a race with five seamstresses, finishing five seams before any of them had completed one. Since the machines are not labeled "Featherweight" they are often advertised for sale as "old Singer" or "antique Singer" machines and some detective work is necessary to sort the Featherweights from the other antique machines being sold.


    Use the chart below to decode it.


    He had an acute business mind and initiated a number of merchandising practices of major importance, such as installment buying, advertising campaigns, and the provision of service along with sales. Sewing Machines Out West With the opening of the West by the late nineteenth century, home sewing enjoyed renewed popularity.


    They were further decorated with gold decals and the Singer name, but nowhere do they say "Featherweight" on them.


    For the first time the most complete story of a forgotten giant is brought to you by Alex Askaroff.


    The sewing machine was only the first of many labor-saving devices for the home; washing machines, dryers, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners all made housekeeping easier and cut down the work time required. This would be the oldest known example of a thimble, which originated as a device to help push crude needles through resistant materials such as animal skins.


    Market trends Sales of super rare models are usually between collectors and the information is often available to a limited few.


    Circumstances When I do an official appraisal I need to know whether the person needs an estimate of what the machine will bring in a local auction, or at in a specialist auction, or at an ISMACS auction, or in a local newspaper advertisement, or to another collector, or to a museum, or to a dealer.


    Those who objected to her politics were asked to shop elsewhere.