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Video about why do some people believe in god:

Do You Believe in God?

Why do some people believe in god. Is There a God?.

Why do some people believe in god

Eliot Benediction Books, , If you believe in those Hadiths, then you have become a wicked person according to Noble Verses I was born-again by the seed of God's Word 1st Peter 1: You want something to grab onto, but there's just no handles. Does she not need to become the foster sister of the sons? I cannot stress this enough. Unsaved people laugh and mock at preaching. Literally, the world is going to Hell in the name of love. May I ask, on what basis do you believe this? According to the Christian claim that Jesus was the product of a virgin birth, he had no father — and thus could not have possibly fulfilled the messianic requirement of being descended on his father's side from King David. For Christians, God uses circumstances to bring out new strength from us so that, we, in turn, can also be used by Him to strengthen others.

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    Scientists have no explanation for the sudden explosion of light and matter.


    These figures are all employed to depict the fate of sinners at the final reckoning.


    You're all hellbound in your sins and false religion. Let alone a grown man.


    In the first death, only the body is destroyed in the graveyard. Baptism gets you wet, period.


    Tell me, if you understand….


    Before that, there were fragments and writings of Hadiths here and there, and much of the Hadiths were passed down through oral transmission.