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With a cherry on top nursery rhyme. Nursery Rhymes by Mother Goose.

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    This is only a partial example of this trope as the song is actually sung by schoolchildren, and is not used ironically. There were no associated chants.


    In the Winchester cemetery, behind the city police station, there is a Cherry family plot with four graves of the people responsible for so many Cherry families: January, February, March, April, May, etc.


    Henry would die in infancy, and soon after his death, the Cherry family moved to Cincinnati, Ohio where Charles took the very important position of Agent for the Western Board of Agency of the American Sunday School Union. Fox from buying a house next to said farmers.


    In another version, the teacher is "Benjamin Franklin. Cherry, died in Decherd.


    Sun goes down, and then we all die. Season of the Witch features a recurring advertising jingle for Silver Shamrock novelties sung to the tune of 'London Bridge is Falling Down'.


    These were essentially restricted to times when there were relatively few jumpers and time was abundant.


    On January 27, , Dr. The Quatermass Conclusion featured a children's nursery rhyme containing seemingly innocent lyrics that indicate that the terrible inexplicable events occurring in the film have happened before.