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Video about year of the snake personality 1989:

Chinese Astrology: Wood Snake

Year of the snake personality 1989. Cancer Snake horoscope.

Year of the snake personality 1989

Budget well and save for the unexpected expenses that might occur. Metal Dragon Birth Years: The year of the boar predictions predict that you will move at the pace that you dictate. A relationship with a Cancerian Snake will be lots of fun, but you should be prepared to have to do a lot of compromising. Quiet and unassuming, they prefer to work by themselves and are more often in the spotlight for their real and lasting accomplishments than for outward attempts at garnering attention. But do not forget to be physically fit and mentally alert. Relationships for the rams will need some work with better communication and patience. These possessive people can demand lots of attention in return, and can get jealous very easily. The Cancerian Snake craves attention and affection at every opportunity. Their value of friendships, and responsibility is high on their list of priorities, and this ensures that they do not undertake things lightly. Love and romance will be good. Uncertain job and business deals will keep you on your feet.

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    There is no hurry. Flings and one night stands might prove to be tempting.


    When this occurs in the case of the Cancerian Snake, it produces a better communicator and someone who may have a slightly more possessive manner emotionally. So go easy on the spending and shopping.


    Metal Dragon Birth Years: Learn from such experiences and face life with a smile on your face.


    New job opportunities also mean better finances. Be it work, love or relationships, you are just not able to make the right choice easily.


    Anyone acquainted with a Cancerian Snake is soon mesmerized by their charming personality and cheery disposition. So go for it!


    Just be sure that whatever you decide to do, you are ready to stand by the consequences. Snakes take great care of their possessions, and like to earn them honestly.